French Polishing- NVQ Diploma L2 Finishing Furniture


For experienced, professional French Polishers/ Hardwood Furniture Finishers doing modern and traditional finishing on furniture pieces or architectural elements (floors, doors, architraves, stair cases, panelling) on regulated sites/ workshops or domestic properties. 

The combination of 6 mandatory units on which you will be assessed cover the range of this profession. These include H&S elements, preparation, repair methods, staining/sealing/priming, finishing in lacquers, oils, varnishes and decorative effects.
Your assessor will support you through the process and build a portfolio of supporting evidence of the criteria being met.
 The assessor will agree a range of assessment methods with you, observation, discussion, photographic evidence, reports and references and any other documentary evidence you can provide.
Where there are gaps in experience or knowledge the assessor will support you with training.
On completion of the OAL Finishing Furniture NVQ Diploma Level 2 course you will be eligible to apply to CSCS for the blue CSCS skills card. The full cost of the course,    inclusive of induction deposit is £1,110.00 VAT exempt. Click here to book your induction at the induction deposit section of our store. Click here to book your induction at the induction deposit section of our store. If you have completed induction please include the discount code DEPOSIT PAID at checkout.